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Welcome Guest Author, LORI BRIGHTON! »

Please welome a great friend of the Rountable and my personal pal, LORI BRIGHTON. Lori’s going to answer a few questions, talk about her books, both past, present and future!  And two, yep I said TWO lucky commenters will received a free download of her recent release, THE GHOST HUNTER!  And here we go!! Have you always wanted [...]

To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish? »

My friend, Lori Brighton, has a new book out that she self-published. I read the book, I critiqued the book and I enjoyed the book and that got me thinking… (when I say that, my husband says UH OH!). I have a book that’s all finished and although I haven’t queried e-publishers with it yet, [...]

Caption Wednesday–Hey, I think I dated him! »

C’mon, what can you come up with! Here’s mine:  ”Hey!  It’s Joe Joe the Dog faced boy!” Can’t wait to read your captions!

Writers and Weight Gain »

I realized I was unhappy with myself when I went to get blood drawn last week for routine tests.  The nurse asked me to step on the scale and I declined until she told me it could mess with our insurance as the insurance company encourages us (I mean threatens!) to take this yearly test.  [...]

Question of the Week…Does this mean something?Dorchester GOING ALL DIGITAL…. »

When I heard the news on Friday morning, I didn’t believe it. Dorchester, I knew, had been struggling of late, but I didn’t realize they’d slow the presses and go all digital and print on demand. Well, that made me a little sad. It feels like books in their current form are slowly becoming obsolete. So, [...]

Monday’s Question of the Week: Writing–A Guilty Pleasure? »

Okay, so I’m a stay at home mom.  I try to balance piano lessons and homework, play time and  housework.  When I’m in the writing ‘zone’ I don’t really want to stop.   But then someone comes into the room.  “Mom, I need….” , “Mom, she hit me…”, “Honey would you…” And I stop.  The muse has taken [...]

Judging a book by its cover… »

My alter ego recently had a book published.  The title and the cover art would lead the reader to believe it’s something that it isn’t.  The description of the book however does NOT indicate these things.  So, that leaves the reader in an age old quandary.  Do I judge this book by its cover or [...]

Nothing New Under the Sun »

How many times have I thought I had a brilliant idea for a book only to have the idea come to light somewhere else shortly after my epiphany? Well, several times, of that I am sure. I discovered William Wallace in an old encyclopedia and as I’m finishing my magazine article…BAM Mel Gibson announces that [...]

Question of the Week…Erotic Romance…when is sexy, sexy enough? »

  A friend of mine writes erotic romance. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to have what it takes to sell to the bigger erotic publishing houses. An editor explained to her that maybe, just maybe she should consider taking the heat level up a notch. That perhaps a threesome was in order for one of her heroines. [...]

Middle TennesSEA Meanderings »

(Click here for video) Opryland Hotel Flood Footage Unless you’ve had your head under a rock (and I’m sorry if you have!) you’ve probably heard that the many areas of Tennessee where hit hard by an unfathomable amount of rain.  The Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville was one of the victims of this massive storm. [...]

Life Lessons Learned at Eleven and Forty-Two »

Okay, I’m going to rant here. On Tuesday night my daughter competed in a school related event. She worked hard. She prepared, followed all the rules and did the very best she could. She presented her project, and came in second. Why the rant you ask? Because, the first place competitor didn’t follow the rules [...]

Middle Tennessee Meanderings–The Parthenon »

As promised, here is my latest installment of Middle Tennessee Meanderings.  Remember, Nashville is more than just Country Music! Late last year I had an opportunity to visit the Parthenon…no, not the one in Greece, but the one in the “Athens of the South”.  For Nashville’s centennial back in 1897, folks got together and decided [...]

Middle Tennessee Meanderings Part 3: The Lane Motor Museum »

So, you’re enjoying Nationals and your husband says to you…What should I do today?  You can tell him, “Go to the Lane Motor Museum.” He’ll thank you later. This museum is a great place for car buffs.  But if you’re expecting your run of the mill cars, think again.  There are very few American made vehicles.  [...]

Review: Julia Templeton’s SINJIN »

When Julia Templeton named her hero Sinjin, she chose the perfect name for him.  He is absolutely sinful!  And when Kensington put a warning on the book that it is REALLY HOT!  They weren’t kidding! The story begins with Sinjin and his brother’s Victor and Rory frolicking around a London whorehouse!  Unfortunately, Mother has discovered [...]

QUESTION OF THE DAY–Just How Spontaneous Are You? »

Me?  I’m not spontaneous AT ALL.  But the one time I was, it worked out great.  I eloped and have just celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary. What about you?  What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?  Brynna–I’ll have to think about this one . . . lol . . . I’m so NOT spontaneous.  [...]