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Milestones and Memories »

Today marks TWO milestones on my writing journey.   The first one— Today, November 2, 2010, I’ve officially written more than 100 words a day for 365 days in a row. In all the years I’ve been writing and in all the times I’ve written the words on the first page of a spiral—“I want to [...]

Of “Dog Years” and Dating »

We writers often speak of “showing” a scene rather than “telling” the reader about it, and the concept makes sense to me. People tend to understand things more clearly when we allow them to visualize the images in their minds. Words in and of themselves are really just concrete representations of the images we’ve constructed [...]

What’s Your Favorite Story Premise? »

  We all know that genre fiction tends to follow certain patterns and it’s our job as writers to put a new spin on those patterns.  Even so, there are storylines (even with new twists) we like to see time and time again, such as the secret baby, the reunited lovers, the Cinderella stories, and [...]

It’s All in a Day’s Work »

  As you all know, when I write, I’m a pantser to the core.  I know my characters.  I know many things about the story.  But I don’t have a plan for how it will all work out.  The fun for me in writing their story is discovering the adventure with them. But in my [...]

How Bad Can That Boy Be? »

Renee posed a great question a couple Mondays ago and had us discussing the attributes of villains.  Can we make them truly evil or do we need to include some trait that humanizes them, that makes us relate to them in one way or another?  Even though some of you will disagree with me, I think a [...]

It’s A Process . . . of Sorts »

Last Friday, Laurie asked about routines. Do you set a routine as a writer and do you need a routine to produce good work?   My routine (hopefully it’s now a very ingrained habit) is to write at least 100 to 200 words a day. Some days I do much more. Some days I craft and revise [...]

Let’s Get Accountable, Accountable »

Okay, so I don’t know why Olivia Newton John’s song “Let’s Get Physical” is singing through my head, but I decided just to go with it.   And no, it’s not because I’ve been busy writing some steamy scenes . . . though that’s not a bad idea.       (Please don’t curse me if the [...]

A Fresh Take on a Familiar World »

You all know my enthusiasm over Sarah MacLean’s novel Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake. I still sigh when I think of some of the scenes in the book and when I remember the romance that blooms so deliciously between Callie and Gabriel. So as I’m wont to do, I went in search [...]

If You Had Two Minutes . . . »

  Picture this.  You’re standing alone in an elevator.  Dressed in your new red dress and your to-die-for red heels, you know you look HOT and your attitude screams, “Take a look at me!”  Even though the elevator music is set on “calm and soothing,” you can still feel the excitement bubbling all around you and you [...]

The Melody of Language »

  When I write, I hear in my head the words I’m putting on the page. I try to mimic the natural sound of dialogue—dropping endings when necessary, speaking in fragments, interjecting at just the right moment. All of these decisions, to me, have to do with the melody of language—the cadence. So many times [...]

Success Stories »

   Goals are dreams with deadlines.  ~Diana Scharf Hunt I came upon this quote while I was looking for things to connect with this week’s accountability check. I love that it combines goals with dreams. We writers often think of this idea of publishing as a dream dangling just beyond our reach. But dreams and [...]

Dealing With Disappointment »

  We often talk about rejection. We enter a contest and someone tells us to our face “our baby” is ugly (okay it’s on paper or through the computer, but it still feels like it’s to our face). We submit a near-perfect query, and we’re told that while the characters are likeable, the story seems [...]

Music and Muses and Manuscripts »

  I have a confession to make. Nothing sinister. Nothing scandalous. But still something, I think, that suggests a bit about my personality. I love movie soundtracks. Although I do own albums by some of my favorite artists and groups, I often find myself drawn to soundtracks because they offer a variety of sounds, songs, [...]

Back to the Beginning . . . »

  I cut my proverbial romantic teeth on Maureen Daly’s Seventeenth Summer and Victoria Holt’s The Shivering Sands (among others) and any Harlequin Presents I could get my hands on, but when I was in college and my mother decided I was old enough for the “steam,” she handed me The Flame and the Flower.  I’ve [...]

The REAL Thing »

  Last week, Laurie posted a blog called “Women Creating Men.”  On her blog and through our comments, we discussed how we go about determining the characteristics of the heroes we create for our heroines.  Romance heroes, even flawed ones, are drawn so they connect with the reader.  In any given book, a reader can [...]