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Hiatus »

Hiatus. That’s how I think of this is. It’s not so much that we are coming to the end of a great idea as that we are taking a little break from it. We’ve decided to stop blogging here for now, knowing full well we might be back some time in the indefinite future. We’re [...]

Travelogue: Montana to Wisconsin and Back »

You all have been waiting to hear about my trip? It was one of those “slice of America” things that covered enough ground to make you realize what a big place a single country can be. We started off in Montana. It only takes about seven hours to get from close to the boarder with [...]

Talking about Gerbils »

I can’t believe I put on my blog that I would be talking about gerbils here today. Frankly, it was off the top of my head, and I had every intention of changing it, but it took me too long getting around to it, so here we are. Gerbils. We are fresh out of gerbils [...]

Tuesday Teaser: Wild and Wicked in Scotland »

This is from Wild and Wicked in Scotland by Melody Thomas, page 8 Closing her eyes, Cassie let the hush of the late night air fan against her upswept hair and wondered what would happen if she carried out just one defiant, daring act in her life. MizB of Should Be Reading hosts Teaser Tuesday. [...]

Wild and Wicked in Prologueville »

Most of the time when I read a Prologue, I’m barely aware that what I am reading has been specially set aside. I tend to go straight from Prologue to Chapter 1 the same way I would go from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. The prologue in Wild and Wicked in Scotland by Melody Thomas [...]

What is Sexy? »

I was blog hopping when I ran across this video. My first thought – after “of course I can handle gay pride” – was how focused the video is on hot bods. I mean, look at all that beef cake, most of it bare. So then why am I not the least bit turned on? [...]

Archetypes vs Cliche »

My husband, Mr. Al, and I were discussing the plot line of a TV show recently when the topic turned to the differences between Archetypes and Cliche. Seems like a lot of writers confuse the two, especially when angsting over their own work. I’ve stumbled across a very simple way to tell the difference. The [...]

Censorship or Just Cheap? »

I bought a copy of McKettrick’s Luck by Linda Lael Miller from a second hand book store a few months back, and recently took it off my TBR mountain for a read. It’s a good book. I was enjoying it right up until I hit page 248 then jumped to page 257 involuntarily. Someone had [...]

What Would You Like to be Reading? »

If you could get your favorite author(s) to whip out a perfect book based on your criteria, what would you ask for? For instance, is there a secondary character you would love to see take the spotlight? Can you think of any heroes and heroines you’d like to see more of? Is there a particular [...]

Series, and the Quality of Anticipation »

Do your read series? I don’t mean Harlequin here. I mean do you read things like all the book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, or any In Death, trilogies, sets, or continuing stories? If you do, then do you ever withhold judgment on how much you like the books until you have read them all? [...]

When to Throw in the Towel – an old timer’s story »

If you scroll down a little, you will see that Renee asked this question on Tuesday. As I started typing my reply, it got longer and longer. So I turned it into today’s post. :) I was in my early 20′s when I started seriously thinking I’d made a mistake with the writing thing. I [...]

Moving In »

It’s here! It’s here! My first book is published! Check it out. Diane, an old friend of Suzie’s, falls in love with the worst possible man, to her way of thinking. Responsible and respectable guys? She knows can’t handle them. So when she thinks Trigvey Taylor is a bum, she’s merely bothered. When she finds [...]

It’s Your Fault »

The members of Romance Roundtable are responsible for the publication of my first book. Maybe not directly, but they were a part of the process at every step. It starts with the formation of our group. I stuck my neck out on a limb when I posted on Avon FanLit that I had set up [...]

Blogging »

I’ve been blogging steadily for about three years now. I have my own blog to which I post at least once a day, my turn here at the Round Table, and occasionally guest blog. Yet still, I find there is much I don’t know about the process. For instance, the only people with whom I [...]

Research as a Lifestyle »

Ages ago I attended a panel at a writing convention in which members of the audience asked the panel of writers how they did their research. The unanimous answer was they did not actually research for an individual story at all, or if they did, then the research was a secondary activity, done while revising. [...]