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So, This Is It »

Renee: Sheesh! I don’t even know what to say. Am I sad to see RRT come to a close? Yes! Three years ago, one of our original members saw a need for those of us who were persuing publication to have a public forum. With her help we launched Romance Roundtable. During those three years [...]

Goodbye for Now »

The past three years have been a rush! Not only did I enjoy the community of my fellow bloggers and our wonderful visitors, but I loved all of the wonderful guest authors we’ve hosted over the years. Who can forget those fabulous posts by Sherry Thomas, Judi Fennell, Victoria Alexander, Toni Blake, Eloisa James, Jenna [...]

Writing on the Fly »

I’m still scratching my head over this, but I’ve recently realized that the only place I’m doing any writing is in the front seat of the pickup while zipping down the road to a football game.  Unfortunately, that’s not a daily event, which means neither is my writing.  For those of you following the saga [...]

Writers and Weight Gain »

I realized I was unhappy with myself when I went to get blood drawn last week for routine tests.  The nurse asked me to step on the scale and I declined until she told me it could mess with our insurance as the insurance company encourages us (I mean threatens!) to take this yearly test.  [...]

Monday’s Question of the Week: Writing–A Guilty Pleasure? »

Okay, so I’m a stay at home mom.  I try to balance piano lessons and homework, play time and  housework.  When I’m in the writing ‘zone’ I don’t really want to stop.   But then someone comes into the room.  “Mom, I need….” , “Mom, she hit me…”, “Honey would you…” And I stop.  The muse has taken [...]

Something needed to change… or I would’ve gone crazy! »

I recently found myself in a slump. I’m currently working on book two of the series I sold. I thought something was wrong with me. The words were not coming. I freaked out. I pulled hair. I was near melt down. What if they didn’t like my 2nd book as much as they liked the [...]

Dealing With Disappointment »

  We often talk about rejection. We enter a contest and someone tells us to our face “our baby” is ugly (okay it’s on paper or through the computer, but it still feels like it’s to our face). We submit a near-perfect query, and we’re told that while the characters are likeable, the story seems [...]

Middle TennesSEA Meanderings »

(Click here for video) Opryland Hotel Flood Footage Unless you’ve had your head under a rock (and I’m sorry if you have!) you’ve probably heard that the many areas of Tennessee where hit hard by an unfathomable amount of rain.  The Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville was one of the victims of this massive storm. [...]

Life Lessons Learned at Eleven and Forty-Two »

Okay, I’m going to rant here. On Tuesday night my daughter competed in a school related event. She worked hard. She prepared, followed all the rules and did the very best she could. She presented her project, and came in second. Why the rant you ask? Because, the first place competitor didn’t follow the rules [...]

Guest Author Lisa Marie Wilkinson: The Path to Publication and Beyond »

Today we are excited to welcome an old friend back to the table. She visited us last year for the release of her wonderful debut novel, Fire at Midnight. Now her second book has been released. You can check out yesterday’s post to read Brynna’s fabulous review of STOLEN PROMISE. Please help us welcome Lisa [...]

Where, oh Where, Has All My Time Gone? »

I didn’t write when my child was young. In fact, I didn’t discover this writing world until my daughter had grown up and moved out. So I’ve had a few years to arrange my free time as I saw fit. Of course I have my job, and sometimes it consumes a lot of my time, [...]

When to Throw in the Towel – an old timer’s story »

If you scroll down a little, you will see that Renee asked this question on Tuesday. As I started typing my reply, it got longer and longer. So I turned it into today’s post. :) I was in my early 20′s when I started seriously thinking I’d made a mistake with the writing thing. I [...]

Today’s the Day — I’m flying high! »

I know we don’t usually post on the weekends, but something truly awesome happens today. And, no, it’s not a football game. What is it you say? What is so fascinating about this day? Well, today is the day I’ve been waiting for since 2007 when I first started writing a certain fantasy erotic romance. [...]

Are You Ready For Success? »

Many, many blogs and articles are written about the need for perseverance on this journey. Workshops are geared toward how to make the most of that ever-increasing pile of rejections. Writing friends and family are all too ready to commiserate when each of us has one of those inevitable set backs. But who prepares you [...]

Research as a Lifestyle »

Ages ago I attended a panel at a writing convention in which members of the audience asked the panel of writers how they did their research. The unanimous answer was they did not actually research for an individual story at all, or if they did, then the research was a secondary activity, done while revising. [...]