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What’s Your Favorite Story Premise? »

  We all know that genre fiction tends to follow certain patterns and it’s our job as writers to put a new spin on those patterns.  Even so, there are storylines (even with new twists) we like to see time and time again, such as the secret baby, the reunited lovers, the Cinderella stories, and [...]

It’s All in a Day’s Work »

  As you all know, when I write, I’m a pantser to the core.  I know my characters.  I know many things about the story.  But I don’t have a plan for how it will all work out.  The fun for me in writing their story is discovering the adventure with them. But in my [...]

How Bad Do You Want It? »

 This picture keeps sticking in my mind (no pun intended), so I thought I’d pass it along in the form of a two-fold question:  What is it you want, and exactly how bad do you want it?

What is Sexy? »

I was blog hopping when I ran across this video. My first thought – after “of course I can handle gay pride” – was how focused the video is on hot bods. I mean, look at all that beef cake, most of it bare. So then why am I not the least bit turned on? [...]

Dealing With Disappointment »

  We often talk about rejection. We enter a contest and someone tells us to our face “our baby” is ugly (okay it’s on paper or through the computer, but it still feels like it’s to our face). We submit a near-perfect query, and we’re told that while the characters are likeable, the story seems [...]

Music and Muses and Manuscripts »

  I have a confession to make. Nothing sinister. Nothing scandalous. But still something, I think, that suggests a bit about my personality. I love movie soundtracks. Although I do own albums by some of my favorite artists and groups, I often find myself drawn to soundtracks because they offer a variety of sounds, songs, [...]

What Would You Like to be Reading? »

If you could get your favorite author(s) to whip out a perfect book based on your criteria, what would you ask for? For instance, is there a secondary character you would love to see take the spotlight? Can you think of any heroes and heroines you’d like to see more of? Is there a particular [...]

Back to the Beginning . . . »

  I cut my proverbial romantic teeth on Maureen Daly’s Seventeenth Summer and Victoria Holt’s The Shivering Sands (among others) and any Harlequin Presents I could get my hands on, but when I was in college and my mother decided I was old enough for the “steam,” she handed me The Flame and the Flower.  I’ve [...]

RWA’s Golden Heart and Rita »

Did you enter the Golden Heart this year?  If not, who do you hope will receive the Rita nod? P.S.  Announcements will be made tomorrow. (As if you didn’t know. ;) )

Great Reads! »

We have a simple (well maybe not so simple for some of us) question for y’all today. What was/were your favorite book(s) of 2009?  And why?

QUESTION OF THE DAY–Just How Spontaneous Are You? »

Me?  I’m not spontaneous AT ALL.  But the one time I was, it worked out great.  I eloped and have just celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary. What about you?  What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?  Brynna–I’ll have to think about this one . . . lol . . . I’m so NOT spontaneous.  [...]

Question of the Day »

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been battling sickness. First, it was the stomach flu over Christmas. Then this week, I came down with a kick-*** cold. My ears ache, I have a sore throat that feels like I swallowed a Brillo pad, and I am hacking like crazy. This really isn’t fun! I [...]

It’s In His Kiss »

With the holiday season on us, I couldn’t help but think of the romance of the season. From mistletoe to New Year’s Eve, kisses are a huge part of the fun of this time of year. So I asked the Roundtablers to tell me their favorite movie kisses. This is what they had to say: [...]

One Special Gift »

Since many of us are in the holiday mode, shopping for our family and friends and generally preparing for the craziness that is this holiday, I thought I’d pose this question today to bring in the nostalgia and the thankfulness of the season. What is the one most special gift someone ever gave you? (It [...]

Too Real? »

A while back the publishing industry was loudly requesting books that were “more real.” This was apparently in response to what readers had been requesting. As a writer, my first response was to think I better knuckle down and do more research. After all, more real means to be more consistent with reality, right? To [...]