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Travelogue: Montana to Wisconsin and Back »

You all have been waiting to hear about my trip? It was one of those “slice of America” things that covered enough ground to make you realize what a big place a single country can be. We started off in Montana. It only takes about seven hours to get from close to the boarder with [...]

History of Chocolate »

A cup of cocoa anyone? Everyone I know, with the exception of our very own Alice Audrey, :) loves chocolate. In January hubby and I spent a weekend in Bruges and visited the Chocolate Museum. Today, I thought I’d show you some photos and give you a few facts about this brew of the gods, [...]

Clonmacnoise »

After Helen Scott Taylor’s fascinating post on Monday about Celtic symbols and their influence on her world building, I’ve been thinking about Celtic Crosses. I had mentioned in the comment section to her post about visiting Clonmacnoise while in Ireland ten years ago, and I believe that this fabulous place deserves its own blog. Clonmacnoise [...]

Paula Deen Has The Right Idea! »

I’m in the middle of writing my novel, DEATH’S ANGEL.  For the most part, the story takes place in Savannah, Georgia.  Having visited there a few years ago, I recall a lot about the glorious place…but not the little things that make the city so spectacular.  So, of course I’ve been researching like crazy, trying [...]

Travelogue-Paris »

So they say that there is nothing like Paris in the Spring…It’s true. Well, most of the time. :) One thing is sure, you can never count on the weather to be nice in Paris, or any city in Northern Europe for that matter. It’s like a roulette. You just never know when the sun [...]

Travelogue-Antwerp, Belgium »

Belgium is a tri-cultural country with three official languages; Dutch, French and German. Of these only Dutch and French are recognized as the legal languages. So when referring to any city in Belgium you have to use the name of whichever language you happen to be speaking: Antwerp (English), Antwerpen (Dutch) and Anvers (French). Antwerp [...]

Travelogue-Scotland-Part V »

As promised, this will be the last blog on Scotland. Well, at least until I go back, which I have every intention of doing. :) We left Edinburgh on a very dark, rainy, and cool morning, much too cool for August. But nobody complained, not even the teenagers. :) The Highlands were everything I expected [...]

Travelogue-Scotland-Part IV »

Back to Scotland anyone? I promise it’s almost over. :) Two minutes walk from our front door at the Balmoral Hotel, we discovered one of Edinburgh’s most glorious examples of Victorian and Baroque design, The Café Royal Oyster Bar and Restaurant. The work on the present day Café Royal began in 1861. The original purpose [...]

Travelogues-Scotland- Part III »

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Today I will take you on a tour of Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle sits 300 feet high on a rock, reminiscent of a king on his throne looking down on his humbled subjects. This once active volcano was formed by shifting glaciers during the Ice Age. I was told [...]

Oh Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie »

A few years ago, my husband uprooted us to Indianapolis leaving behind friends and family.  Our eldest son was overseas on his first Navy cruise and our youngest chose to stay behind and remain in Topeka.  I was over weight, middle aged, and didn’t know a soul in Indianapolis.  A midlife crisis seemed the natural [...]

The Road to Hell is Paved with Asphalt? »

Seriously, it is. I’m not joking. A couple weekends back, my mom, my sister, my two adorable nephews, and I piled into the car and decided to take a road trip. With Mapquest directions in hand, we made the two hour trek to the quaint little town of Hell, Michigan. Why in the hell someone [...]

Travelogues-Scotland- Part II »

“How far, how far to Gretna, Tis years and years away, An chaise and four shall never more Fling dust across the day.. But as I ride the Carlisle road, Where life and love have been, I hear again the beating hooves Go through Gretna Green.” (Unknown Author) If not for its geographical situation Gretna [...]

Travels In Okinawa II »

Sam and I shared our Corona today on the back porch stretched out on the Adirondack chairs. As my pooch lapped the foam from his beer bowl, I thought of Coco another aging golden retriever. She belongs to a friend of mine, Lori Zilmer. Coco is a lot like Sam: an old timer with hip problems and a taste for booze. The difference is palate. [...]

Travelogues-Scotland- Part I »

During my recent trip to Scotland, we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia, which is no longer in use and has been docked in the Port of Leith, Edinburgh since it was retired. We were told that it is still furnished as it was during it’s many years of service. I. Don’t. Know. I find it [...]

Travelogues-Bruges, Belgium- Part II »

As promised, here is the continuation of the Bruges blog from July. Founded by Vikings in the 9th Century, the city of Bruges can be described as a museum. Its name comes from the Old Norse Bryggja, meaning landing place. Because of is proximity to the North Sea, Bruges quickly grew into an international port. [...]