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A Second Chance at Love »

I recently watched the movie Letters to Juliet. From those of you that haven’t seen it, here is the movie trailer and blurb from the official website: In Verona, Italy – the beautiful city where Romeo first met Juliet – there is a place where the heartbroken leave notes asking Juliet for her help. It’s [...]

Welcome Heather Kuehl to the Table »

Hi everyone, I know that I normally post the monthly Wednesday Weirdness post on the first Wednesday of the month but I’ve decided to do something a little different this month. I’m excited to have with us today one of my fellow Eternal Press authors. So lets give a warm welcome to Heather Kuehl, whose [...]

What is Romance? »

For us romance writers ‘Romance’ is an integral part of our work. But what does it really mean to each of us? How do we define what’s romantic? Here is what the Roundtablers had to say: Terri: What do I find romantic?  Attraction.  It’s an unseen untouchable chemical, a nuclear detonator waiting to go off [...]