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It’s a Bird!It’s a Plane! Nope, It’s just a pen! »

Anyone who knows me knows I am a penoholic. I can never have too many writing utensils at my disposal. So when I came across this gem, I knew I had to share it with you. I’m still wondering how you hold it. So you all know the drill! Caption away! Cheers, Sidney

A Writer’s Real Life… »

I’ve been busy revising book one of my paranormal series due to come out next Spring. On top of that I am slogging away at book two while the plot bunnies run wild for book three. Add a full time job to the mix. It’s enough to make a person go insane. So I’ve been [...]

It’s A Process . . . of Sorts »

Last Friday, Laurie asked about routines. Do you set a routine as a writer and do you need a routine to produce good work?   My routine (hopefully it’s now a very ingrained habit) is to write at least 100 to 200 words a day. Some days I do much more. Some days I craft and revise [...]

Accountability Friday »

Hey everyone! Another week has passed. Can you believe summer is almost over? What a scary thought! I’ve been so busy working that I haven’t come even close to my writing goal. But instead of dwelling on that fact and getting down on myself, I’ve decided to buckle down, roll up my sleeves, and get [...]

Question of the Week…Does this mean something?Dorchester GOING ALL DIGITAL…. »

When I heard the news on Friday morning, I didn’t believe it. Dorchester, I knew, had been struggling of late, but I didn’t realize they’d slow the presses and go all digital and print on demand. Well, that made me a little sad. It feels like books in their current form are slowly becoming obsolete. So, [...]

If You Had Two Minutes . . . »

  Picture this.  You’re standing alone in an elevator.  Dressed in your new red dress and your to-die-for red heels, you know you look HOT and your attitude screams, “Take a look at me!”  Even though the elevator music is set on “calm and soothing,” you can still feel the excitement bubbling all around you and you [...]

The Melody of Language »

  When I write, I hear in my head the words I’m putting on the page. I try to mimic the natural sound of dialogue—dropping endings when necessary, speaking in fragments, interjecting at just the right moment. All of these decisions, to me, have to do with the melody of language—the cadence. So many times [...]

Judging a book by its cover… »

My alter ego recently had a book published.  The title and the cover art would lead the reader to believe it’s something that it isn’t.  The description of the book however does NOT indicate these things.  So, that leaves the reader in an age old quandary.  Do I judge this book by its cover or [...]

Archetypes vs Cliche »

My husband, Mr. Al, and I were discussing the plot line of a TV show recently when the topic turned to the differences between Archetypes and Cliche. Seems like a lot of writers confuse the two, especially when angsting over their own work. I’ve stumbled across a very simple way to tell the difference. The [...]

Something needed to change… or I would’ve gone crazy! »

I recently found myself in a slump. I’m currently working on book two of the series I sold. I thought something was wrong with me. The words were not coming. I freaked out. I pulled hair. I was near melt down. What if they didn’t like my 2nd book as much as they liked the [...]

Nothing New Under the Sun »

How many times have I thought I had a brilliant idea for a book only to have the idea come to light somewhere else shortly after my epiphany? Well, several times, of that I am sure. I discovered William Wallace in an old encyclopedia and as I’m finishing my magazine article…BAM Mel Gibson announces that [...]

Cut It Out! By Anna Campbell »

Today we have a special guest at the Roundtable. YAY!!! A wonderful person and a fantastic writer, she’s accumulating a mountain of awards and nominations and taking the Regency historical world by the quill. Ladies, help me welcome the fabulous, the incomparable, the hilarious and adorable, Anna Campbell! (Psst! Anna. Where do I send the [...]

Writing the Waves of Emotion »

I intended to write a cheerful and uplifting post today but instead needed to share. Sorry in advance for the depressing content but there is a point if you make it to the end. My cat, Breen died yesterday; I had to make the decision to put him to sleep. I like that description – [...]

Question of the Week…Erotic Romance…when is sexy, sexy enough? »

  A friend of mine writes erotic romance. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to have what it takes to sell to the bigger erotic publishing houses. An editor explained to her that maybe, just maybe she should consider taking the heat level up a notch. That perhaps a threesome was in order for one of her heroines. [...]

Accountability Friday »

Well, fellow writers, it’s that time of the week again. Is it just me or has the past seven days just sped by? The first few days I didn’t get much accomplished beyond my daily count, but today, I started to really get into my writing. I racked up 3178 words. Not what I had [...]