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Monday’s Question: Columbus Day, Yay or Nay? »

I have a friend who thinks Columbus Day is a meaningless holiday. She refuses to credit good old Chris Columbus with discovering America since natives were here long before those three ships sailed the Ocean Blue in fourteen hundred and ninety two (sorry, couldn’t resist :D ). I’m thinking that since she’s half American Indian, [...]

Monday’s Question of the Week: Brainstorming – A Group Activity? »

I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming lately to get ready for Book in a Week. In the past, I haven’t been forthcoming in workshops about the story I’m working on and I’m not really sure why. Maybe I just like to internalize at this stage of the book. When I get stuck, I do [...]

Monday’s Question: What is Your Writing Roadblock? »

What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to writing? I’m not talking about craft, but those mental issues that put up roadblocks on your writing path. It could be fear of failure or even success, lack of focus, no creative ideas or way too many, lack of organization, or even endless editing. Every writer [...]

Was It Good For You? »

I’ve read love scenes that are so hot they scorch the page and others that just leave me cold. A few authors go through the motions, but I can tell their hearts (or loins ;) just aren’t in it. Some think that quantity makes up for quality and I’m yawning by the umpteenth encounter. Whether [...]

Question of the Week…Does this mean something?Dorchester GOING ALL DIGITAL…. »

When I heard the news on Friday morning, I didn’t believe it. Dorchester, I knew, had been struggling of late, but I didn’t realize they’d slow the presses and go all digital and print on demand. Well, that made me a little sad. It feels like books in their current form are slowly becoming obsolete. So, [...]

Question of the Week: Who’s going to National? »

I’m bummed to say that I won’t be there this year. I had the time off reserved, but when the venue changed, my plans did too. Nashville is within driving distance–albeit a long drive. However, Orlando would have involved an airplane. I don’t mind flying, but driving tends to be a little cheaper. Also, Florida [...]

Monday’s Question of the Week: Writing–A Guilty Pleasure? »

Okay, so I’m a stay at home mom.  I try to balance piano lessons and homework, play time and  housework.  When I’m in the writing ‘zone’ I don’t really want to stop.   But then someone comes into the room.  “Mom, I need….” , “Mom, she hit me…”, “Honey would you…” And I stop.  The muse has taken [...]

Question of the Week – Name that Hero »

What’s in a name? A lot if it’s for my hero. When naming my guy, I search for the perfect moniker for him to wear. I think finding the right one is really important. We associate certain traits and physical characteristics to a name. I think a good writer can make almost any attractive and [...]

Question of The Week: Gypsy Fortunes »

Today’s question of the week comes from another fellow Eternal Press author. Her novella, Gypsy Crystal, just released yesterday. Blurb: Everyone has secrets. Homicide Detective Rita Moldova has a secret, a crystal amulet from her Roma bloodline that allows her to see the last image a victim had seen in their eyes before they died. [...]

Monday’s Question of the Week »

I’m always wondering what other people are reading. I’ve gotten some really wonderful recommendations from others here at the table and found many new authors also. So, my question for you all this week is: What have you been reading lately? Besides the title and author, if you could give us the genre and a [...]

Have a Blessed Day »

The day after Christmas, I made a trip to town to return a gift that didn’t work and to pick up a few half off items.  As I checked out, the cashier wished me a blessed evening and a happy new year.  At the next place I stopped, the cashier asked me if I had a good [...]

One Special Gift »

Since many of us are in the holiday mode, shopping for our family and friends and generally preparing for the craziness that is this holiday, I thought I’d pose this question today to bring in the nostalgia and the thankfulness of the season. What is the one most special gift someone ever gave you? (It [...]

Question of the Week – Have You Started Your Holiday Shopping? »

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season has begun. I don’t like to think at all about Christmas before Thanksgiving, and people who have finished their holiday shopping by now leave me both awed and annoyed. Why? Because no matter how early I start, I’ll still be shopping the week of Christmas. It never fails. [...]

Baiting the Hook »

I’ve been thinking a lot about Lori Brighton’s guest post last Friday. (Check it out; it’s right under this one). She mused on the importance of that first paragraph of a book to a reader and to an editor or agent. All weekend I’ve been thinking on and off about my WIP’s and reading over [...]