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Judging a book by its cover… »

My alter ego recently had a book published.  The title and the cover art would lead the reader to believe it’s something that it isn’t.  The description of the book however does NOT indicate these things.  So, that leaves the reader in an age old quandary.  Do I judge this book by its cover or [...]

Series, and the Quality of Anticipation »

Do your read series? I don’t mean Harlequin here. I mean do you read things like all the book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, or any In Death, trilogies, sets, or continuing stories? If you do, then do you ever withhold judgment on how much you like the books until you have read them all? [...]

Monday’s Question of the Week »

I’m always wondering what other people are reading. I’ve gotten some really wonderful recommendations from others here at the table and found many new authors also. So, my question for you all this week is: What have you been reading lately? Besides the title and author, if you could give us the genre and a [...]