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Welcome Guest Author, LORI BRIGHTON! »

Please welome a great friend of the Rountable and my personal pal, LORI BRIGHTON. Lori’s going to answer a few questions, talk about her books, both past, present and future!  And two, yep I said TWO lucky commenters will received a free download of her recent release, THE GHOST HUNTER!  And here we go!! Have you always wanted [...]

A Ghost of a Good Read »

When Kelly suggested we read a Jennifer Crusie book for this month’s review, I jumped at the chance to read this award-winning author’s latest. The funny thing, though, is we both chose this book even though we THOUGHT it wouldn’t quite fit in with the whole Halloween thing happening in the next couple of days. [...]

Let’s Celebrate! »

We are excited to welcome to the table a favorite of the Roundtablers, Lori Brighton! Laurie: Welcome Lori! So, what have you been up to lately? Lori: Well…I have a new release out. A contemporary paranormal romance called The Ghost Hunter. It’s available… *Renee runs into the room waving her hands like she’s being attacked [...]

Writing on the Fly »

I’m still scratching my head over this, but I’ve recently realized that the only place I’m doing any writing is in the front seat of the pickup while zipping down the road to a football game.  Unfortunately, that’s not a daily event, which means neither is my writing.  For those of you following the saga [...]

Of “Dog Years” and Dating »

We writers often speak of “showing” a scene rather than “telling” the reader about it, and the concept makes sense to me. People tend to understand things more clearly when we allow them to visualize the images in their minds. Words in and of themselves are really just concrete representations of the images we’ve constructed [...]

What’s Your Favorite Story Premise? »

  We all know that genre fiction tends to follow certain patterns and it’s our job as writers to put a new spin on those patterns.  Even so, there are storylines (even with new twists) we like to see time and time again, such as the secret baby, the reunited lovers, the Cinderella stories, and [...]

What’s Your Game? »

I love games. I can spend hours playing the solitaire and other games that came on my computer. Spider, Freecell, Hearts, Mahjong Titans, their insidious whispers call to me. “Sucker, come here. Just play once. I won’t tell anyone.” And I agree. I’ll only play one game and then I’ll get to work, but one [...]

Winner of Ashley March’s Seducing the Duchess! »

Congratulations… Keena Kincaid!! Please shoot us an email with your snail mail address. Looks like you’re in for a treat! SEDUCING THE DUCHESS looks like a delicious read!

Monday’s Question: Columbus Day, Yay or Nay? »

I have a friend who thinks Columbus Day is a meaningless holiday. She refuses to credit good old Chris Columbus with discovering America since natives were here long before those three ships sailed the Ocean Blue in fourteen hundred and ninety two (sorry, couldn’t resist :D ). I’m thinking that since she’s half American Indian, [...]

Author Ashley March on Writing About the Temptress Heroine »

We are excited to welcome guest author Ashley March to the Roundtable today! Her debut Victorian romance, SEDUCING THE DUCHESS, was just released on October 5 from Signet Books. Congratulations, Ashley! It’s wonderful that you could visit with us today! First of all, thank you to Laurie and the rest of the Romance Roundtable crew [...]

A Second Chance at Love »

I recently watched the movie Letters to Juliet. From those of you that haven’t seen it, here is the movie trailer and blurb from the official website: In Verona, Italy – the beautiful city where Romeo first met Juliet – there is a place where the heartbroken leave notes asking Juliet for her help. It’s [...]

It’s a Bird!It’s a Plane! Nope, It’s just a pen! »

Anyone who knows me knows I am a penoholic. I can never have too many writing utensils at my disposal. So when I came across this gem, I knew I had to share it with you. I’m still wondering how you hold it. So you all know the drill! Caption away! Cheers, Sidney

Monday’s Question »

Today’s question is very simple. Who is your absolute favorite author and why? I’d have to say that mine is Shakespeare. His insight into the human condition and mastery of the English language is timeless and without equal.