What’s Your Game?

I love games. I can spend hours playing the solitaire and other games that came on my computer. Spider, Freecell, Hearts, Mahjong Titans, their insidious whispers call to me. “Sucker, come here. Just play once. I won’t tell anyone.” And I agree. I’ll only play one game and then I’ll get to work, but one game becomes two, then two becomes more until before I know it the evening is shot.

My latest downfall is Bubble Shooter over on Alice Audrey’s website. I get sucked into that game pitting myself against the everfalling bubbles, trying to zap them all before they come down over my head. I use to have dreams about that very subject – something coming down over my head – so it brings with it a certain anxiety. But, I can’t stop playing.

Another game I love is Bejeweled. Thank goodness I ran out of the free trial because that is one addictive game. I think I heard somewhere that Bejeweled is one of the most popular game downloads. I don’t doubt it.

I know I shouldn’t be playing and I won’t buy them, but I can’t get myself to get rid of the ones I’ve got. So, I’ve made a pact with myself. I can play one game for every 500 words I write. I think that’s fair. I’m proud of myself for taking a stand.

Okay, time to write my 500 words – just as soon as I finish this game.

How about you? What’s your game?

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  1. I used to play Hearts and Spyder and Jeopardy all the time and I still do some, but . . .

    I have the New York Times Crossword app on my IPod Touch. I get a new crossword puzzle every day and that would be a good thing if I hadn’t discovered the calendar. With the calendar I can have a year’s worth at my fingertips–not so good for the time crunch–but it’s still working with words, right? (That’s what I tell myself anyway.)

    The most ridiculous AND most addictive game I play, though, is Paper Toss. It’s a free app my dh found. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Talk about a time waster. LOL.

    Great question, Laurie. :)

    Brynna | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. Great question.

    Frontierville. It’s ridiculously insidious. You make a town, you win a spouse, you have a kid, you farm and grow crops, raise and sell animals, have missions, and it FEELS productive. Absolutely doing NOTHING. And if farming was as lucrative as it is in Frontierville (or Farmville or Farm Town for that matter), everyone would be a bloody farmer.

    And then I also play Treasure Isle.

    I have yet to figure out what to do when both games quit. I should turn off my internet.

    Hellion | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  3. I play Bejeweled occassionally AND Family Feud. The one thing I like about Family Feud is that you only get one or two games every twelve hours so you really can’t get sucked in. It gives you just enough. I haven’t played Bejeweled in a long while.

    Renee | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  4. Brynna, Paper Toss, can’t you just do that at home with a waste basket? ;) I’ve never been one to play Hearts or Spyder (I can never win).

    Renee | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  5. Hellie, I have so very much wanted to try Frontierville. I keep telling myself it’ll be excellent research. *grins* And then I remind myself that I don’t have much time as it is.

    Renee | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  6. I guess I’m the odd gal out. LOL. I don’t play any games. But I’m gonna start a new one… It’s call– Chase Laurie off the games and to her wip. ;) Anybody else wanna play? :)

    Anastasia St. James | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  7. Ana, I love the sound of that game. Can I play too?

    Renee | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  8. Bubble Shooter is an evil, evil game. It should be banned from the interwebs, but until it is, it’s got me triple hooked. It’s the one I tend to play at night when I should be doing anything else but that. FreeCell is the one that gets me at work. Even when the phone rings, I catch myself opening a game to play while I talk.

    I agree with Hellion. I should turn off my internet.

    Hey, Laurie! How do you like the sound of Ana’s new game? ;)

    Sasha Allgood | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  9. Sure you can play, Renee. Everybody can. I need back up during my night time. It’s gotta be an around the clock game. ;)

    Anastasia St. James | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  10. That’s why I won’t let myself play game on my computer. Oh no It’s worse. I play on the playstation – which can easily turn into hours. And now I feel the call again….

    Alice Audrey | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  11. LOL,Renee. You see, there’s a fan and an angle you have to account for and if you miss you have to start all over again. I do have the trashcan, but it would take WAY too much energy to set up the fan and to calculate all the different angles and difficulty levels. Hee, hee. :)

    Brynna | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  12. I can be a cheerleader for Ana’s new game, but considering I’m just as guilty . . . (running and ducking for cover.) :)

    Brynna | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  13. Tell me about it, Alice. We once played Mario Brothers on an old Nintendo until the wee hours of the morning. It’s like you get your rhythm and you don’t want to break it. Donkey Kong is just as bad. I haven’t gotten into the Wii as much–but Guitar Hero is fun. :)

    Brynna | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  14. Ana, I think we need to add Sasha to our game, too. ;)

    Renee | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  15. Bryn, since you get your writing accomplished each day, I won’t complain too much, but . . . *grins*

    Renee | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  16. Alice, thankfully the only game that works on our X-box is a game I can’t play. I have no hand-eye coordination. The other day dd was playing and the phone rang for her, she tossed the controller to me and said, “shoot mom, shoot!” EEEEEK! Well I got one guy, thought I hit another. Ds walks in and blows the wind from my sails by telling me somebody else hit the second guy.

    I’m more of a racing kind of gal, not the shoot em up and watch them gurggle kind of gal. The one weekend we rented the latest Need for Speed they couldn’t get me of the game. I even skipped out on the real races to play. I almost beat that game in a 48 hr span, they won’t let me rent again. ;( LOL!

    Renee | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  17. I see you all have been busy while I was at work all day. No games for me today, not because I was good, but because there was no bloody time!

    Ana, I don’t like your game – it doesn’t sound fun – and to loop Renee into is just not playing fair. I’ll try to be good…

    Laurie Faelan | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  18. Brynna, sounds like you’re as into games as I am – so no cheerleading at my expense! Hmmm… the paper toss sounds fun and my dh would love the crossword puzzles.

    Laurie Faelan | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  19. Hellion, Frontierville sounds really intriguing so keep it away from me! Kind of reminds me of those computer pets my daughter use to like to play with. What was the name of those things? Hmmm… can’t rememeber. I use to have to remind her that her guinea pigs were the ones that need the love and attention.

    Laurie Faelan | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  20. Renee, online Family Feud? How do you play with only one person? Don’t you need a family?

    Laurie Faelan | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  21. LOL, Alice. You don’t play games on your computer you just corrupt everyone who comes to your website! :D

    Thank goodness I don’t have a playstation!

    Laurie Faelan | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  22. Sasha, Ana has a way of keeping me on the straight and narrow. I should have never spoken up about my addiction to games.

    What is it about Bubble Shooter anyway? I agree with you, it is evil!!!

    LOL and I’m a phone card player too. I have to get off the internet to call – dialup :( – and without my conscious mind knowing, my traitorous fingers fire up a game of solitaire. Sometimes freecell, sometimes spider, even hearts (I love beating the west, north, and east. ;)

    So good to see you! Did you see the Women’s World thread on WRT? Only 800 words! :D

    Laurie Faelan | Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

  23. Hmmph. Btw, all those references to doing stuff without conscious knowledge, only work in fiction. ;) We all know in real life you DO know. :)

    Turn it off! Baaaaah….. :D

    Anastasia St. James | Oct 13, 2010 | Reply

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