Terri Heitz

Hello.  My name is Theresa Heitz.  I’m the exception to the rule here at Romance Roundtable.  I’m not a Romance Writer.  Nope, I prefer to kill people.  Ice picks, exotic poisons, shark infested kiddie pools, the list is endless. My goal is to eventually get that darn mystery book written.

I do however have a couple of  audience participation plays under my belt: Belladonna in the  Bouillabaisse, where my poor misunderstood  sociopath gets whacked off during soup, and my newest creation, I’d Rather Conga Without Tonga.  This is the  riveting story of a former a terrorist who never found her niche and decides to pen her memoirs. Sadly, it’s not a good idea to tell the world that Vladimir Putin wears Scooby Doo boxers in the  boudoir. The boss is a little upset not to mention the other assorted characters gathering to do my poor poopski in. Conga premired October 26, 2009 to a captive audience …. literally.

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