Kelly Arden

Kelly began reading at a young age, and quickly became addicted to the written word. She once checked out copies of Green Eggs and Ham cheap nfl jerseyscheap nfl jerseys from two different libraries simultaneously, because she loved it so much, one copy was simply not enough. Her parents actually refused to buy her books by the age of 8, because she had read each new purchase cover to cover within an hour of leaving the bookstore.

By the age of 10, Kelly decided that if she loved to read so much, writing must surely be even more fun. She wrote her first short story for a fifth grade writing project, and her teacher suggested she submit her work to a children’s magazine. Although she never did, she began writing with greater fervor – poems, screenplays, short stories. At the age of 11, she began her first attempt at a full-length novel, a story about time travel and the American Civil War that she did not, at the time, realize was actually a romance novel. This untitled novel was never completed, and, to the great relief of its author, will never see the light of day again.

Many years and several advanced degrees later, Kelly rediscovered her love of writing fiction. At present, she still reads more than is absolutely healthy, is on a first name basis with the librarians at her local public library, and has more stories bouncing around in her head than she has time to write. Kelly is currently hard at work on her first full novel.